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Piston Compressors

NT800 Petrol Piston Compressor NT1600 Piston Compressor

Our piston compressors range from 3HP to 15HP. Portable and stationary models available.

Warne's Industrial Compressor Pumps

NS29 Compressor Pump NS39 Compressor Pump NS59 Compressor Pump

Beltair Pro Piston Compressor Range

Beltair Pro is an evolution of our belt driven professional piston compressors that bring even more features, and efficiency to our product range.

Ceccato piston compressors

All Warne's products are built with the highest quality raw materials and the latest precision manufacturing technology, with engineering features which have always seperated Warne's Compressors from the other brands.

The following properties are present in all our compressors:

SOLID CAST IRON CYLINDERS - Long wearing performance
ALLOY HEADS AND COOLERS - Up to 35% better cooling for beeter efficiency and longer life
OVERSIZED MAIN BEARINGS - Sized to withstand continuous operation
BALANCED PISTONS - Low vibration and noise, longer life
STAINLESS STEEL VALVES - Corrosion resistance and high temperature flexability mean longer valve life and increased efficiency
BUILT-IN INTERCOOLERS - All Warne's two-stage pumps have alloy coolers for maximum interstage cooling
BUILT-IN AFTERCOOLERS - Most Warne's two-stage pumps are equipped with alloy aftercoolers for lower water carryover

The following characteristics are present in all our compressors:

  • ON/OFF pressure switch for easy control
  • Excellent finish and first class quality
  • Cast iron cylinders
  • After cooler for reduced air temperature
  • Steel fan guard for protection
  • Silenced inlet filter
  • Low rotation speed