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Rotary Screw Compressors

Tank mounted screw compressor Tank mounted screw compressor CSB 77

Warne's ceccato screw compressors range from 5HP to 150HP in various models and pressures.

"Technological evolution, the ever greater needs of increasingly sophisticated users and respect for the environment are just three of the many reasons behind the CSM MAXI's design the small screw compressor with big compressor performance" - Ceccato

Ceccato screw compressors use newer technologies that have features such as low noise levels, energy saving features, greater yield from air intake, and reduced vibrations. With cleaner air available at a lower cost, it is possible to increase production.

For more information on screw compressors, please view the brochures below.

Tank Mounted Compressors Brocure (1.9 MB) CSB Compressor Brocure (8.6 MB)

Additional Air Storage

Additional Tanks

A large selection of additional air storage tanks are available. Contact us for advice on additional tanks to suit your needs.